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  Before & After  

This poor guy thought he could do without a new Bradley floor pan. When his version of a "Hybrid Car" failed to catch on, he wised up and called Paul!

  Getting Started  

Soon work began on the old '40. The floor seemed like the logical place to start - since there wasn't any! The new floor went in without removing the body from the frame. Bradley even supplied a new driveshaft tunnel section, which made the job even easier.

  Tip it Over!  

This shop had a vehicle tilter. While it is not necessary or even desirable to tilt the car to install a floor pan, it does make it much more pleasant to work on the undersides when the restoration does not include removing the body.

  Getting there  

That new Bradley floor pan looks great. It fit perfectly.


Another '40 Ford saved from the scrap heap. And it all began with a new floor pan.