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  Important Product Information  

Our Products

We offer replacement floor pans and floor patch panels in the configurations and components illustrated on this web site. We believe our products are as close to original equipment as is currently being manufactured anywhere.

Full floor pans are available for 1933 - 1940 Ford passenger cars; 1949 - 1951 Ford cars; 1939 - 1940 Mercury cars; and 1933 - 1940 Station Wagons.

In addition, we manufacture truck patch panels for 1941 - 1948 Ford cars, along with patch sections for 1935 - 1936 Ford pickups, seat mounts for 1938 - 1940 Fords; and transmission covers for 1937 - 1940 Fords.

While we do not manufacture driveshaft tunnels, we can supply them as a special order for 1933 - 1934 Fords and 1940 Fords.

Except for the 1933 - 34 years, note that pans are manufactured in both full units and as separate sections and thus can be purchased either way (i.e., left or right, front or rear or complete left or right sections.).Dimensions are shown in the illustrations.

For each year of car, front and rear sections are cut to the full width of that year's body dimensions, thus providing sufficient metal for bending up along the driveshaft tunnel and sides several inches. If not used, the extra metal can be trimmed and discarded.

Original driveshaft tunnels and rear trunk floors (except where noted) must be re-used.

Please note special considerations for special year models. Example: 1935 - 36 passenger floor pans are made to fit Coupes and Roadsters when used full length. For Sedans of those years, the pans must be trimmed 9 inches from the rear of the pans.

We are available to answer your questions during normal business hours at (704) 392-3206, or fax us at 704-392-5040. You can also email us by using the email button on this site.

  Quality Control  
We maintain the highest quality control at all stages of manufacturing, assuring you the best fit for your restoration.
Using original body parts as prototypes, our Bill Lankford designed dies to reproduce pans closest to "factory" available on the market.