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About Bradley Floorpans
  About Us

I am pleased to tell you about my company and the top quality antique auto restoration products we can offer you. It is a business my father founded in 1975 and one I proudly inherited when he died in 1983. For many years, he was ardently involved in the antique car hobby from restoring cars to buying, rebuilding and selling parts. His interest focused on early Ford cars. (While a boy, I helped him by removing parts from rusty old Model Ts.). He made many good friends and enjoyed wide respect for his know-how and trustworthiness.

The making of body pans grew out of his extensive familiarity with Ford cars and the recognition of a need by hobbyists. To this he added his knowledge of metallurgy and his machine shop experience gained from over 30 years in manufacturing. Like many small businesses, it all began in a garage. joining him on a part-time basis, was his long time friend, Bill Lankford, who brought a talent for creative invention and quality control. The first products were for '35-'36 Ford cars.

Through word-of-mouth and limited advertising, orders for the pans multiplied and customers began requesting pans for other model Ford cars. The business flourished, was moved into larger quarters and new machinery was installed. Today, we make replacement pans for Ford cars, 1933 through 1940, and 1949 to 1951.

From my father's time to today, we have served thousands of antique Ford car enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. Underneath all of the glamour of many of the beautifully restored Fords proudly displayed at such well known Antique Auto Club of America meets as Hershey, our floor pans are quietly and effectively doing their job.

Bill Lankford continues to be a vital member of the company, adding his valuable expertise to the making of precision dies, punches and special manufacturing machinery. He is ably assisted by Phil Kiser, Jimmy Stewart and Lee Duncan. We can honestly state that over 70 years of manufacturing and quality assurance experience goes into the production of the metal pans we offer you. “State of the art" equipment plus our use of the finest cold rolled steel available (all pans are 18 gauge, .047 thick), assure you of maximum accuracy, minimum distortion and unequaled sharpness of detail. Using original body parts as prototypes, we produce replacement floor pans for Ford cars that, in our opinion, are the closest to original equipment available on the market.

We invite your comments about our products and services at any time Please write or call.

- Paul Bradley